Making your home more sustainable

Energy supplies have changed, resulting in higher energy bills. It has never been more important, to be energy conscious. The first step is awareness, understanding what you can do to your home to save energy and costs. More people are taking steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Starting with your home.

How to make a start?
To begin with it is important to always first insulate your home. After insulating you can consider more efficient ways of heating. Another option worth considering is installing solar panels. Making small changes like taking shorter showers or turning down the heating is what everybody easily could do in energy-efficient appliances.

There are a couple of options to insulate your home. Through your roof you lose most heat so it makes sense to start there. After the roof continue with the walls because you will lose almost just as much heat through there. Floor insulation is a third option that can be recommended. Although this is less effective than insulating your roof or walls this also helps keep out moisture out of your crawl space. Finally, If you have many windows in your home, triple glazing or HR++ windows are the best alternative.

Solar panels
With solar panels you can save much money on electricity. Most home owners that have solar panels get their investment paid off within 10 years. The life span of solar panels is approximately 25 years, meaning that you will receive at least 15 years of free sun energy.

Heat pump
Due to high energy costs it makes sense to also consider switching your heating boiler for an electric heat pump. As this does not run on gas it is a more environment friendly solution. The Dutch government also lowered tax on electricity whilst they raised it for gas consumption, so all the more reason to invest in an electric heat pump now.

Solar heat pump
If you use much hot water, a solar heater is a good investment. In addition to the heat pump there is a boiler that heats the shower, bath and tap water.

Energy-efficient appliances
You can lower your bills by purchasing energy-efficient appliances. Think of showerheads, light bulbs, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. Every small step helps a little.

Subsidy rules apply for making your home more sustainable. If you have taken two sustainability measures since 2022, you will be reimbursed not 20% but 30% of the cost.

Most mortgage providers let you finance more than the property value if it is used for energy-saving measures. This money is only useable for energy-saving measures, not for that bathroom you’ve been wanting to get. What we currently see in the market is that some mortgage providers are lowering their interest rates for properties with a better energy label like an A or B label. Also some mortgage providers will offer you a lower interest rate if you renovate your home to a better energy label.

Take out a loan
You can get a special energy-saving loan, with this loan you would get an extra-low interest rate compared to regular mortgage rates. A homeowner can borrow up to a maximum of 25.000 euros (in a term of 20 years maximum). The savings on your energy bill will outweigh the extra monthly costs for the loan, so this is a win-win situation for you.

On to a cleaner planet!
As you see there are many options to make your home more sustainable. It is wise to discuss it with your agent or mortgage advisor upfront as the information and costs can sometimes be overwhelming.

Do you want to know more about the sustainability? Do not hesitate to contact us.

On to a cleaner planet!