Don’t want to leave anything to chance? Overwhelmed? Sit back and relax–or focus on everything else you need to take care of–while we help you find your perfect house in the perfect area.

Buying a house starts with creating a personal profile summarizing your wishes and needs, but also the budget setting. To determine your budget, you can use an online mortgage calculator. However, rules for expats can be different. It’s best to speak to an advisor and get a clear understanding of what kind of mortgage you can take out.

Once your personal profile and budget is clear we can searching for a house. The search profile will help us find the homes that match your preferences and budget. If you’re interested in any of the properties we find, we’ll arrange a viewing of the house and accompany you to visit it.

During the visit, we will advise you on the condition of the house. If you decide to make an offer on a house, we will determine together what a suitable and competitive offer is. Currently, there’s a housing shortage which means that most interested buyers will overbid. Don’t worry; we’ll take this into account when we create a search profile for the bid.

This contract details the agreements between you and the seller, such as the closing date, the price for items in the house you’d like to transfer and other conditions. If you decide not to go through with the sale without a valid reason, the seller could be entitled to claim your deposit. We’ll help you in drafting up the conditions with the sellers.

We will go to visit the property to check if the seller has left the home as agreed on the closing date. We will also check the water, gas, and electricity supply meter. If everything is as agreed, we’ll go to the notary to sign the deed.

You can’t buy a house in the Netherlands without a notary. The notary makes sure all legal requirements in the house buying process are met. They will go through the mortgage deed and the deed of delivery with you. We’ll also accompany you when you’re ready to sign the deed. From that point, you’re the house’s legal owner, and you will receive the keys. Congratulations, you’re a Dutch homeowner now!

Even after the transfer day Your Dutch Home will keep in touch with you to find out how things are going. Nothing is more importantly than given you feeling of coming home.

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