Selling a home is a process that you don't do every day and is certainly an exciting period. Quality and care are our top priority. Step by step Your Dutch Home will guide you through this process to achieve the best result. Even after the transfer of ownership Your Dutch Home will keep in touch with you to find out how things are going.

Have you decided to sell your house, then our real estate agent visit your for an intake. During this visit, you will get to know each other, the estate agent will be looking at your house and discusses your specific wishes.

This strategic sales plan will show you what we’ve discussed by the intake about your specific wishes and how we together come to the best result. When you agree with the sales plan, we’ll set up an instruction to act as intermediary for selling your property.

One of the most important conditions to successfully sell is that you present your house attractively. The selling agent will discuss which presentation tools are most suitable to bring your house to the attention of potential buyers.

Our real estate agent will schedule all viewings and show the potential buyers around. After the viewings, the agent will contact you about the possibilities of the viewers.

This is one of the most important parts about the selling process, because we want the best result for you. All bids we receive will be discussed with you. If we have an agreement with a buyer, our real estate agent or notary will set up a preliminary contract with all the conditions. If you and the buyer are agreement about the contract, we’ll schedule an appointment so all parties can sign the contract.

We will visit the property to check of everything is in similar state as agreed on the closing date. We will also check the water, gas, and electric meters. If everything is as agreed, we’ll go to the notary to sign the deed. From that point, if you have handed over the keys, congratulations, you sold Your Dutch Home successfully!

Even after the transfer day Your Dutch Home will keep in touch with you to find out how things are going.

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