Buying market 2024

First-time home buyers please pay attention. Do you want to know what changes they’ve been made for 2024?

Increase limit transfer tax for starters
If you transfer your property in 2022 and you bought a property till € 440.000, and your age is between the 18 and 35 years, you are exempted from property transfer tax. This is going to change for a first-time home buyer in 2024. From January 2024 the Dutch government will raise the limit to € 510.000 which means the Dutch government increase the limit with € 70.000. It could give a lot of opportunities for a first-time home buyer purchasing a property in the Netherlands to pay less buyers costs.

If you are buying a property together and one of you is younger than 35 and meets the other requirements, then in this case, one person pays 2% tax over 50% of the purchase amount and the other 0% tax over the other half.

Increase limit NHG mortgage

The limit for NHG will increase with € 30.000. NHG stands for the Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee foundation. Now you can apply for an NHG mortgage if the property is purchased up to € 405.000. In 2024 to make it more attractive the limit will increase to € 435.000. The average price of a home in October of this year was €424,500. Those looking to invest in making their home more energy efficient can even secure a loan of up to €461,100 using NHG.


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